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About Neys 

Neys Adventures offers 14 camping sites with ample room to accommodate RVs up to 15m (50 feet) in length. The sites are level, equipped water, sewer, 15 amp electrical service and internet. Flush toilets, showers, campfire wood and convenience store are available. Pets are welcome but must be leashed. The campground is set up on a self registration during the day with convenience store hours from 5pm to 9pm Monday to Friday.  Saturday we are open from 10 am to 9pm Sunday 11am to 6 pm.

We offer custom bear guiding services where our hunts are customized to your preferences. Each hunter is guaranteed two active baits. We take care of all the baiting even while the hunter is in camp. The bait consists of butcher scraps, bakery goods and grease. The butcher scraps are placed in a large metal drum securely anchored to a tree.

Neys is a biblical term meaning a place of refuge.

Neys Provincial Park was once a Prisoner of War camp where hundreds of German inmates lived. At the end of the war, Neys became a processing camp for all POW detained in Northwestern Ontario , and then was turned into a minimum security work camp for prisoners from the Thunder Bay area. The camp was dismantled in 1954, and ten years later the area was designated a Natural Environment Park .

 A small gas station was established in 1960 when "the Gap" on Hwy 17 between Schreiber and Sault Ste Marie was completed and opened to traffic.  Neys then took on many different owners and business lines over the years and in 1987 under the ownership of Al Mitchel Neys became a small lunch counter, gas station, campground and convenience store.  In 2004 the business changed hands once again and has since seen many changes bringing it into the modern establishment it is today. The campground continues to serve as the over night convenience park located right on Hwy 17 on the circle route of Lake Superior. A Black Bear outfitting business was established in 2009 run by a lone female Guide. Growing up at her fathers side and going on many hunting excursions together with her father, hunting continues to be a passion that is passed along to hunters visiting this outfitting camp today.

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